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The Brochure one page website fits nice and neatly in a web browser window 900x600 pixels with no scroll bars on the side or bottom with your business logo a blurb about product, services business contact details, trading hours and who you are.

Using a professional business email address instead of a generic address like joe@hotmail, peggy@gmail or tim74@bigpond stops your business looking like a fly by night operation and presents better on business cards, stationary and advertising.

Web presents is important these days. It is in the nature of people to verify an organisation and their services before making a decision. For example if your flyer/pamphlet is received, a business card is given out. prospective clients with access to the net will check you out.

An upgrade to the standard business or commerce options is easily done using your logo and the same theme. We will deduct the $180 Brochure one page website cost from your upgrade.

A one page website helps to:

  • add your business presents to the internet
  • make your business contact details available
  • advertise your hours of trading
  • reassures prospective clients you are an established business
  • business email addresses look professional
  • responsive (mobile compliant)
  • 12 months hosting

ONLY $180.00

  • Hosting is for the first 12 months then $40 per year. Special offer. Pay for 2 years hosting and get a 20% discount
  • What we need before we start...

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