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Business Plus

website commerce package

Business Plus site includes unlimited pages. 5 of them including the contact, 1 custom form for collecting user info setup by us. Rotating image banner on the home page and image gallery if needed. 25 emails accounts, we setup the first 5. Content can be edited and pages added by the site owner. A backup facility is included with 5 gigabytes of disk space. All you need are images and a domain name and we will custom build your site from scratch, not a template. $1150


Med Business

web package2a

Med Business package with up to 200 pages is a way to let clients know who you are, company history along with detailed descriptions of product and or services. The site contains 5 pages of content a contact page with 10 email accounts that can be created. we setup the first 3 email accounts. Photo gallery page (if needed) Disk space 2 gigabytes. All pages can be edited and new ones added by the site owner. A backup facility is included. $950


Small Business

website building package

Small Business package includes a landing page, info page and contact page. An email account so a professional business email address can be used on business cards and stationary. Like the Brochure site, this package can be upgraded to a Standard business or Standard commerce site.using the same design theme. The sites 3 pages can be edited by the site owner. All you need is a domain name, a few images and a logo. A site backup facility is included for only $350


Brochure Page Website

website brochure package

Brochure Page Website. Ideal for an internet presents with a proper business email address for a professional look on business cards, stationary and advertising. This is a1 page site with your business logo and contact information. An upgrade to the standard business or commerce options can easily be done when needed using your logo and the same theme. This page can't be edited by the owner and uses your domain name or a sub domain name for only $180.


Winning Ideas For Your Website

Quality content that visitors can find easily on your website will not only build appreciation and trust with prospective clients but help search engines notice your business. I cannot emphasis this strongly enough. If visitors find valuable information on your website they are more likely to come back and hopefully become regular clients. This is also a way of building client trust and confidence in your business and product before they contact or come through your front door. So simple, quality content builds trust and is picked up in search engines. The great thing about it is the cost. When on a break it doesn't take a minute to jot down ideas and put together content... that is quality content. The more you add to your website the more search engines like it and prospective clients can find your place in space. This is the secret of a successful website.Quality content written well.