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Website Design Planning

Planning a website from scratch or rebuilding an existing site is a challenge. Your message needs to be clear, accessible and flow through to your target whether that is the store or info collecting forms.


Once the planning is in place which includes the functionality needed regardless of the size of your website, development can start with all involved aiming to meet the 'live online' target date.


Our CMS program covers 99% of small business internet needs with around 5,000 extensions to choose from. If we haven't quite got what is needed we build a custom web based tailored solution.


We specialise in internet products for small businesses from 'self managed' websites, hosting and developing web based solutions. We look forward to helping with your next web project.

Winning Ideas for Your New or Website Upgrade

Responsive websites are here and a big 'must have'. If your company's site is not 'responsive' you are missing a huge chunk of internet traffic and maybe revenue. In March this year, 52% of time spent with online retail was on a desktop, 34% on a smartphone and 14% used a tablet, and this number is growing. What is a 'responsive' website? A responsive website is one that displays and works properly on mobile devises like tablets and smart phones. This percentage will continue to rise owing to the convenience and flexibility round the home/office and out and about. 86% of mobile internet users use their mobile device's while watching TV. Make sure your new website (or old one) is running software like ours to stay in the market.